In 2022, I gave a workshop on Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling during the conference SEM: New Developments and Applications. Materials for this workshop are available on GitHub.


I have taught work groups in various methodology and statistics courses since 2012, first as student-assistant and later as a PhD candidate. As Assistant Professor at Utrecht University, I have (co-)coordinated and taught in various methodology and statistics courses, including the Bayesian summer school course for which I developed new materials.



PhD-Student Road to Resilience project

I am co-promotor and daily supervisor of Sanne Appels on the interdisciplinary Road to Resilience project. The goal of this project is to uncover protective factors and compensatory mechanisms behind resilient trajectories in atypical literacy acquisition using Bayesian (regularized) SEM.


Research Master Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural Biomedical and Social Sciences

  • Michael Koch. Getting a Step Ahead: Using the Regularized Horseshoe Prior to Select Cross-Loadings in Bayesian CFA. All code available on GitHub.


Master Applied Data Science

  • Ylias Ben Salah. A Comparison between Bayesian penalized regression priors: Lasso and regularized horseshoe.

  • Rashied Amir. The key differences between the classic and Bayesian LASSO: Comparing shrinkage and variable selection properties in regression problems.