In 2022, I gave a workshop on Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling during the conference SEM: New Developments and Applications. Materials for this workshop are available on GitHub.


I have taught work groups in various methodology and statistics courses since 2012, first as student-assistant and later as a PhD candidate. As Assistant Professor at Utrecht University, I have (co-)coordinated and taught in various methodology and statistics courses, mainly in the undergraduate social science programs.



Research Master Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural Biomedical and Social Sciences

  • Michael Koch. Getting a Step Ahead: Using the Regularized Horseshoe Prior to Select Cross-Loadings in Bayesian CFA. All code available on GitHub.


Master Applied Data Science

  • Ylias Ben Salah. A Comparison between Bayesian penalized regression priors: Lasso and regularized horseshoe.

  • Rashied Amir. The key differences between the classic and Bayesian LASSO: Comparing shrinkage and variable selection properties in regression problems.